Your Complete Window Style Guide

window style guide

Understanding Types of Windows

Find the style(s) best suited to improve your home

If you’ve considered replacing or even adding windows to your home, you’re about to make a major home improvement. New windows look amazing and add instant value and curb appeal. Plus, they lead to a more pleasant environment inside and even help you lower your energy bills.

The first step is finding the right types of windows to match the space and style. Here are the major window styles and categories to consider:

Double Hung Window

The Double Hung Window is the most popular type of window on the market and probably the first thing you think of when you think “windows.” It’s quite simply a window with a sash that can slide up or down. You can find double hung windows in just about every size imaginable, and even in different shapes. And thanks to improvements in window trims and glass, these windows likely do a better job of insulating your home than the ones you have now.

Slider Window

Unlike double hung, slider windows open from side to side. Generally, this makes them a lot easier to open. People often choose to put slider windows on a counter top or in some other hard to reach places. That way homeowners can easily let in the breeze without straining on a step ladder.

Casement Window

The Casement Window opens out to the left or right like a door. Due to that unique design, casement windows can make use of a lot of glass and still be opened as well as offer the benefit of an unobstructed view without cutting you off from the outside.

Hopper Window

You have probably seen Hopper Windows around basements before. They open from the top down and fold into the home. They are also sometimes used around picture windows to let in some fresh air without ruining the view.

Awning Window

Awning Window is a style of window that opens from the bottom and pushes outwards. That is a significant advantage when you want to keep the window open when it’s raining and don’t have to clean up the water on the floor later. These types of windows are also popular around the tops of rooms where they ventilate rising heat from the home.

Picture Window

It’s fair to call the Picture Window the king of all windows because of their big, bold, and a stunning addition to any room. They let in tons of light while offering an amazing view. And now thanks to UV radiation filtering glass, the light that pours into your home won’t fade your carpets and upholstery.

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