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At Penny Window, we are committed to offering you the best in replacement windows, prime windows, storm windows and more.

We offer only the finest craftsmanship as well as the highest quality window materials, window styles and window repair.

We are a window company serving St. Louis since 1953. We understand how windows work – so rest assured, we can support your every need.  Our high standards for service is matched by the high quality of window products we offer.  So before you decide on another company for your windows, make sure to give Penny Window an opportunity – as we’re sure to give you the best quality and price around the greater St. Louis and St. Charles area.

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Replacement Windows

Looking to replace your home’s windows? 

Our replacement windows are the perfect fit.

Whether you’re unhappy with the way your current windows look, or whether you simply want to reduce your home energy costs, Penny Window of St. Louis has the perfect replacement window solution for you.

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Replacement Windows

Prime Windows

New home construction? St. Louis Contractors look to us for quality prime windows.

A prime window (also called a new construction window) is a basic window used in new home construction and remodeling. At Penny Window, we offer only the best prime window brands and models.

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Prime Windows

Window Materials

Many window materials are used in today’s window industry.

Some of the most common are vinyl, wood, aluminum, thermally broken aluminum, aluminum clad and wood windows. Fiber glass material is also making its way into the window industry.

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Window Materials

Window Styles

There are many window styles to choose from when making a decision on new home windows.

Most choices are made based on the designs in the neighborhood you live in and the style of the house – whether it’s ranch, split level or two story.

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Windows Styles

Window Glass

There are many types of glass that can be used with today’s windows.

Clear, Low-E, Frosted glass are among the most common used in today’s windows. Energy savings is the biggest concern when looking at today’s glass for doors and windows.

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Window Glass

Storm Windows

Storm windows at one time were the only option to add insulation and protection to your windows.

Storm Windows are a way of protecting the inner window from the weather and also helping to insulate from heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

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Basement Windows

While small in size, basement windows play an integral role in your home’s security, energy efficiency, and overall home value.

Basement windows offer a way to protect you from outside or inside elements, while providing greater aesthetic value and more efficient use of energy.

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Basement Windows

Window Repair

Got Window Problems? Call your St. Louis window repair professionals.

Windows sticking or won’t open? Glass cracked? Fogged up? Call Penny Window – your St. Louis window repair professionals. We’ll take care of all your repair needs.

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